What is CurbUp?

             curbup  [kurb-uhp]


          1. an application and service that facilitate curbside pickup and
              on-demand marketing to merchants and their customers



         1. to pick up orders via curbside pickup



A message from the founders:


CurbUp was created with the intention of revolutionizing curbside pickup.
We understand curbside pickup isn’t a novel concept, but we think its implementations
by those who offer it are cumbersome, inefficient, and primitive.   Our product serves to
alleviate the issues surrounding curbside pickup, some of which include strict pickup
times, time wasted on waiting, and lack of communication during time of arrivals. 


If you are a merchant, we invite you to try out our product for 2-months free.
All you need to get started is an ipad, iphone, or ipod touch, and then just download
our app from Apple's iStore.
  If you are a consumer, you won’t need anything but a smart phone.
We will take care of the rest. 


We are very excited for and committed to the excellence of our product, and it is our
promise to you that we will continue to improve upon our product to provide you with
the best curbside pickup experience possible. 


Ashbey and Addison



About the founders:


  Ashbey - Ashbey likes convenience, and was sick of looking and paying for
                    parking simply for take-out.  For a guy who makes his dining
                    decisions based on convenience, if CurbUp works for him, CurbUp
                     should work for you too.


Addison - Addison is a restaurateur who was looking for an easier way to facilitate
                     curbside pickup to his customers.  Without this guy, curbside pickup
                     would continue to suck.