On-Demand Deals



The Problem:

There is no way to tell whether the customer has arrived or not unless s/he calls in or pulls up in front of the merchant’s window, in which case the merchant would need to be present at all times






The Problem:

All businesses have slow times.  Issuing deals to customers usually require prior planning, and once issued, the deals are valid for a duration of time spanning from a few days to a few months, which makes gauging the effectiveness of the deals difficult to measure.


The CurbUp Solution:


An “I’m here” arrival link - once the customer arrives, he simply needs to click the link in his text message from CurbUp which tells the merchant that the customer has arrived.





The CurbUp Solution:


CurbUp gives merchants the opportunity to issue on-demand deals whenever they want, with each deal’s duration of time spanning from less than an hour to the end of the day.



How Does It Work: 

(1) Customer calls and orders

(2) Merchant sends customer order pickup time
      via text message

(3) Customer arrives and clicks the link in
      the text message from CurbUp

(4) Merchant receives the message

(5) Merchant brings food out to the customer




How Does It Work: 

(1) Create a deal on the app or website

(2) Merchant sends subscribed customers
       a deal with a confirmation number

(3) Customer arrives and provides the deal
      confirmation number to the merchant


(4) Merchant validates the confirmation